Sunday, January 10, 2010


Tranquility, Silence, Nature embrace,

Horse-back on the ice,

Helic skiing, Ice climbing, Hot pots,

Arctic circle within ferry reach,

Ice fishing, Sea angling,

Bird watching, Whale watching,

Golf at midnight sun, Local handicraft,

Tailored made adrenalin activities: snow mobile, downhill dash and more...

Local quality food, including:
fresh fish, fresh seashells, lambmeat and even local beer

Sounds familiar? Sounds like Iceland? Yes, that´s right.

However, this time we´re introducing you to a well hidden fjord that has kept its tranquility and slow pace, having all the musts that Iceland has to offer:

Eyjafjörður with its Troll peninsula is:

one of the longest fjord in Iceland,
fjord with the second largest town of Iceland: Akureyri,
fjord with close reach to the Arctic Circle,
fjord with endless possibilities for tourists who wish to relax and enjoy the nature embrace, however with all the necessary infrastructure,
fjord with the access to a northmost village of Iceland -> world famous for its herring,
fjord with good weather - lots of sun in the summer time.

This blog aims at introducing you to a great variety of ‚Things to do‘ and ,Things not to do‘ while exploring Eyjafjörður.

We´ve embarked upon a journey of contacting the local providers and seeing what is there on offer, making sure that the word about great service and hospitality spreads around.

We encourage all of you, reading this blog, to post comments and let us hear about your personal experience with the service in the area, as well as your suggestions.

We´ll do our best to let your opinion be heard by those concerned and contribute to improvement of the local services.