Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skiing in the northmost village of Iceland

It seems that winter is coming back to the north of Iceland.
There´s a snowstorm starting right behind my windows, as I´m writing this from Dalvík, so no wonder that skiing area of Siglufjordur, I want to introduce today, northwest of us, is closed for today. You can see the video-camera shots online here

Nevertheless, skiing there, is worth trying out, as it´s one of the best in Iceland, so here is some inspiration for all those, interested in winter sports.

Skiing area of Siglufjordur, not far away from Akureyri, offers a great view over the fjord and also a famous herring village itself. There are 3 lifts available and the details are as follows:

The lowest lift:
Starts at 205 metres and ends at 300 metres and is 430 metres long.

The middle lift:
Starts at 300 metres and ends at 520 metres and is 1050 metres long.

The highest lift:
Starts at 470 metres and ends at 660 metres above sea level and is 530 metres long.

The hill itself belongs to one of the best in Iceland and there´s a good service offered to guests at a skiing chalet at the bottom of the hill.

The locals will gladly assist you with skiing gear, if you need to borrow anything and also give you good advice on cross-country skiing possibilities in the area.

Opening hours are to be checked here and the prices range from as low as 600 ISK per adult for half a day up to 1500 ISK per adult for a weekend day.

Once, you´ve had enough of skiing, it´s a must to try out local hot pots in the open air, as well as local food.
Last but not least, truly a living museum that will take you to the herring era, when Siglufjordur was once the most important town of Iceland.
It would be a sinn to miss it, as this museum was built with heart and sweat of local volunteers and enthusiasts and has deservedly won many national and international prizes for its uniqueness.

If you´re in need of accommodation in Siglufjordur, contact and I'm sure he will gladly assist you.

Enjoy Siglufjordur as well as your skiing there and we're looking forward to receiving your feedback, once you will have tried this exceptional skiing area of the northmost village of Iceland.

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