Sunday, April 4, 2010

World class destination in the 'Icelandic Alps'

High quality service, professionalism, uniqueness. These are definitely words that I associate with Bergmenn - extremely dynamic and promising company in the field of, and now breath in:
  • ski touring
  • ski mountaneering
  • heli skiing
  • ice climbing
  • alpine climbing
  • ...and other mountain related activities
Jökull Bergmann, the founder of the company is Iceland´s first and only UIAGM-IFMGA certified mountain guide, who has been offering truly top quality adventure tourism, on the so-called Troll Peninsula, within easy reach of Akureyri (amongst other places).

During the season from around mid of March until the beginning of June thousands of peaks and slopes with vertical descents of up to 1500m offer endless opportunities and represent paradise for skier and mountaineers.

Bergmenn offers various tours related to skiing and mountaineering:
Eventhough, the company offers tours with fixed dates they also try their best to satisfy special wishes thanks to tailored-made offers.

If you´re one of those who is hungry for proper adventure in the Icelandic Alps do not hesitate and check out the offer:

And if you´re still hesitating, then turn some good music on and check out the gallery,

there´s some seriously good stuff going on in the remote places of Troll Peninsula.

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