Monday, May 3, 2010

Big international event in a small fishing village

When: May 8th - May 15th

What: European boat and line class championship

Who: Organized by EFSA - European Federation of Sea anglers

Where: in Dalvík, 30 minutes drive from Akureyri

This big international event with around 200 participants from 13 countries is being hosted for the second time in Iceland. It took place in 1974 in Akureyri, for the first time in Iceland, and now locals of Dalvík have a unique opportunity to share their hospitality with guests from all over Europe.

Although participants will be busy fishing all the working days, locals have done all their best to put up in interesting programme both, for the locals and guests. One of the events is local fish soups tasting and so called 'get to know locals' better walk taking place on Saturday evening.

All those who happen to pass Dalvík or will be close by around that time are encouraged to stop and enjoy fun and special atmosphere.

Detailed programme and possibilities will be hooked here later this week, for the time being, just an apetizer of what will be on offer.:

  • Helicopter sightseeing over the Troll peninsula and fjord,
  • Local brewery visit with tasting one of the best local beers in Iceland
  • Off the beaten track, guesthouse Skeið and hikes
  • Local museum famous also for its collection related to the tallest man of Iceland
  • Local handicraft and souvenirs exhibition with sale
  • Horseback riding on unique Icelandic horses for all
  • Local café with homemade bread and cakes
  • Show of local fish at the harbour
  • Snowcat rides up to the top of Kaldbakur with great view over the Eyjafjordur
Stay tuned and if you can, do come and check this out.

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