Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Iceland boiling again?...

Ha? 99 degrees in Iceland again? Is there anybody trying to tell us that there is something almost boiling in Iceland?

The picture on the left is a print screen of online weather forecast for June 28th 2010. Check it out and find the bit with 99 degrees forecast for the day and night :)

What does that mean???
Well, many new laws are being passed and things might be a bit "boily" in Icelandic society, especially for Icelanders carrying a burden of loans in foreign currencies.

Regardless of this, however, tourists coming to Iceland have no clue about the new laws and might be at utmost a bit surprised by the above mentioned weather forecast.

Until now, there hasn´t been any reports of explosions in the area, but you can bet that we´ll be one of the first ones to let you know.

Well, and until some shaking and volcano spitting will eventually take place, we have something for those who are particularly interested in hiking in Iceland.

Many regions in Iceland offer so called hiking week in the summer time and we´re presenting the details of a unique offer in Eyjafjordur, not far away from Akureyri.

A local tourism association has prepared a hiking week in one of the most beautiful alpine
mountains of Iceland - Peninsula of trolls, for the summer of 2010.

You will find the overview and details here and even though the guided hikings started June 23rd, you can still take part without a guide anytime after the official hiking week. You would need a good map, that you can buy either in Akureyri or a local swimming pool in Dalvík, and good hiking boots as well as good clothing.

Should you have any queries or doubts, do not hesitate to contact Lenka: (00354 -840 13 29).

Well, hope you will enjoy the hikes in Icelandic mountains, whereever that might be and don't forget that weather in Iceland is extremely erratic and can change rapidly from a sunny day into a snowstorm.

But then again, how much does a weather forecast checking help? :)