Sunday, July 18, 2010

COOL ISLAND with cool music

Fancy some Icelandic music on an island in the longest fjord of Iceland?...

Me and my friends did grab the offer straight away and past Tuesday went off to an island called Hrisey with around 100 inhabitants, many many birds and one of the freshest sea muscels.

Well, but how did it all start?

Icelandic band Hjaltalin has been touring this summer all over Iceland and came all the way to the north of Iceland, including our longest fjord Eyjafjordur.

There are two islands in the fjord Grimsey and Hrisey, each with around 100 inhabitants. On the mentioned Tuesday, Hjaltalin were to hold a concert in Hrisey, in a local get-together house (nice old house with a soul and stage).

Now, how does one get to the island?

There's a ferry leaving a village called Arskorssandur every day to get to Hrisey in about 20 minutes. And how does one get to Arskorssandur - village with the one of the best local Icelandic beer Kaldi?

Well, unless you have a car, you're at the mercy of Icelandic public transport and thus you would end up taking a bus either from Akureyri, Dalvik or Olafsfjordur - depending on where you are, to get to the village.

In case your bus would not happen to be harmonized with the ferry schedule, there is a nice small local cafe in Arskogssandur called Cruzcafe to make your waiting more pleasant. We recommend to try out local "lummur" - similar to small pancakes.

Once on the island, there's plenty of stuff to do: local swimming pool, local hiking trails, connected with bird watching, local restaurant Brekka - serving one of the best quality sea muscels and local tractor guided tours - specialty of the island.

We tried out some of it, including the restaurant, before hitting the concert hall and both, the food and the concert were awesome.

The happy crowd was leaving the island - all squeezed on one ferry around 11pm - not doubting that some of us will make it to the island again and again.

These small communities of Iceland, do have a special charm, and even more when they´re on a remote island.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and impressions about the island.

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