Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local Travel Movement

If you are one of those, who has made it all the way to Eyjafjordur and ended up even exploring it, then it´s very likely that Local Travel Movement is something for you.

Here are some thoughts about Go Local in Iceland possibilities that were published thanks to Local Travel Movement.

Now, what are the Local Travel Values? - this is one way of looking at it:

If you are mindful of the local people, you put yourself in the locals’ shoes and discover what they really think.

If you are mindful of the local environment, you put yourself in the heart of it, feel its beauty and power, and do what you can to preserve it for the future.

If you are mindful of the local culture, you put yourself in the local mindset and share in activities and experiences as locals do.

If you are mindful of the local economy, you put your money into local business and ensure that your tourism benefits the right people.

If you´re curious about How to be a Local Traveller, do not hesitate and check Local Travel Movement out:

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

1 comment:

  1. ahoj, ahoj lenka! i like it, i like it a lot! it´s a great thing you are doing over here...and also outside the blogosfera!:) connecting and living in harmony..it´s nice.

    p.s. the fish was great, takk! i made it in a "local-way" :)...cook the fish, cook the potato, make white sauce (onion+butter+flour+milk+salt&paper) and mix-mash all together. goodski!

    p.s.s. the moss tasted like nothing. it´s the fjallagrös i was looking for (probably the one that you have). they say i can find it higher in the mountains and that people use to say that it cures everything :) in old days they use it everywhere, even in soups.

    hej!..have a sunny day& enjoy the view,

    neza from slovenia.