Sunday, July 11, 2010

Whale watching in the longest fjord

It's 1.30 am and there's beautiful dusk and dawn with pinkish sky over the sea accompanying whale watchers, as I'm writing this.

Yes, believe it or not, there are whale watching tours in the tranquility of small fishing villages hidden in Eyjafjordur available with departures at 11pm.

A local company , setting off from Dalvík - just half an hour drive from Akureyri, offers tours (with maximum 15 people on board) lasting for about 3 hours. And if you´re lucky with the weather, you can even experience this...
... doesn´t picture speak for itself?

Scheduled boat trips in a beautiful old oak boat are available three times a day from Monday to Sunday and the times, while summer schedule is on, are as follows:

- might be a bit more windy than in the mornings or at nights

What is it that you can actually see?
Click here to see what has already been spotted: humpback whale, minke whale, dolphins and harbour porpoise.
However, it´s not only whale watching, but also sea angling and bird watching that are included in the price paid. What´s more, you grill your own catch straight after the tour and taste it in the harbour - truly a unique experience.
The prices are as follows:

Adults: ISK 7.000 / EUR 42
7-16 year olds: ISK 5.000 / EUR 30

Last, but not least tailored made private charter is always an option and these are the charge, in case this is something for you:
ISK 70.000 / EUR 425 for 3 hours
ISK 25.000 / EUR 154 per hour
When I tried this local whale watching myself, I was cautiously double checking with Freyr (the captain) sea conditions. Having been sea sick a few times before, I really didn't feel like vomitting over the whales...
The answer I got was: 'Don´t worry, the sea is like a mirror today, you´re really lucky', and yes, lucky I was, both with the calm sea and with playful whales who didn´t hesitate a minute to show off and splash their tales in all its glory.
Feeling of having these huge intelligent creatures so close to a relatively small boat is quite an experience.
Hope you´ll enjoy it too, when you decide to go local and try this family-like service without queuing up for tickets!
Here is the email and a phone number, once you decide to book:
Telephone number: (00–354) 771-7600

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