Monday, August 9, 2010

Fish, Fish, Fish - all U can eat for free

Yes, believe it or not, this is a slogan of a seafood buffet offered for free during the so called: "Great Fish Day", taking place in Dalvik once in a year at the beginning of August.

In 2010, the date fell on August 7th, but the festivities stretch before and after the date.

What it's all about?

The small fishing village of Dalvík (around 1500 inhabitants) gets filled up with around 30.000 visitors who are curious to taste local fish specialities and enjoy the busy programme full of many interesting events.

Just to name a few higlights of this year:
  • Fish soup evening - this is an evening on Friday before the Great Fish Day, which is Saturday. Locals invite visitors to their homes and let them taste local home-made fish soup and let them enjoy the atmosphere with singing and music in the backyards of many houses. Visitors are strolling in the streets of Dalvik and tasting delicicous soups here and there, chatting and having fun.
  • Seafood buffet - on a Saturday, the Great Fish Day offers huge seafood buffet for free down at the harbour. One can choose from all kinds of fish delicacies, including fishburger.
  • Shark cutting show - local professional was showing how to "fillet" a huge shark, which was caught a few months before the event in Grimsey.
  • 200 species of fish on display
  • local handicraft market
  • Huge Fire Works show on Saturday evening
  • theater shows, concerts, lots of music pieces and mouch more
It's quite some experience to see all those crowds of people streaming down the streets of Dalvík, as well as the harbour, enjoying themselves and celebrating big event of Dalvík.

It was 10th year anniversary this year and one could really feel it by seeing the amount of people here. The thing is that the event got so big by now that it's the time to reconsider its concept, especially if we want to help this village develop in a sustainable way.

Me, living in Dalvík I was so pleasantly surprised to see the state of village on Sunday - most of the people were gone and streets incredibly clean - congrats to all those who contributed to this smooth flow of the event, making sure that not much negative footprint would be left behind.

I'll keep you updated, once the next year's Great Fish Day will be up and running.

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