Monday, November 29, 2010

Endless streams of visitors


Well, at a proper Christams market in Skeid.

The fire outside the market place, us in the embrace of majestic mountains covered in snow, and crispy evening with a promise of well visible northen lights - who would resist?

Well, many locals could not, and the market was basically full (the picture was taken at 2.45pm on Saturday :) between 3 and 6 pm both days (streams of people constantly coming and going). Myriam - the organizer - did not stop for a minute and was serving all her guests with yammies and nice smile. Kids zipping their cocoa and adults zipping their mulled wine and all biting on proper Xmas cookies including traditional German "stollen" all made at this magic guesthouse.

Hmmmmmm, that was really a nice weekend full of amazing handicraft that locals from Eyjafjordur make and we all got nicely tuned on Christmas atmosphere thanks to this first weekend of advent.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Proper Christmas market this weekend

If you happen to be in the north of Iceland this weekend, there´s definitely something we´d like to recommend.

It is a proper Christmas market with a proper mulled wine and a proper Christmas cake.

It´s taking place in a magical valley just an hour drive from Akureyri called Svarfaðardalur. The name of the farm hosting the market is Skeið and you will easily find it thanks to torches lighting the way to the house.

This 'once a farm', now a guesthouse Skeið is a place with a soul and its location will definitely catch you by surprise.

Locals, who are professionals in making beautiful handicraft and making all kinds of Xmas yammies will be offering their products this Saturday and Sunday between 3pm - 6 pm.

If you have a chance, do come and join us to enjoy all, that this great place has to offer and get tuned onto Xmas atmosphere.

I will be there tomorrow and will write the news here tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Should you need any advice or help, do contact me:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheaply to Iceland over the winter

Now it´s the time.

Visiting Iceland in winter can be cheaper than you think. It may not be bright 24 hours a day like in summer, but the Northern Lights can well compensate for the unique experience. On top of that, the houses are warm - heated by hot water straight from the ground, Icelanders are hospitable and it´s very likely that here, in the north of Iceland, we will have enough snow, not only for skiing. And last but not least, it won´t be as cold as you think.

Flights to Iceland via Iceland Express are available this winter from
London, Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw,

from €99/£89/DKK799, and New York from $216.

Don´t forget, there´s never a bad weather, just a badly dressed man.

Hope to see you here and should you need some local advice, do write to us:

And here is the apetizer for the area of Troll Peninsula. ENJOY.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Up for some troll winter experience in the North Iceland?

Troll peninsula, with its longest fjord – Eyjafjordur, might be your ideal choice.

And since the winter has come again with its long dark nights and loads of snow in the North of Iceland, we want to encourage all those who are ready for winter adventure.
Us in Dalvík, we don‘t get to see the sun and won‘t until the end of January or so. But, this is definitely not the time to dispair, but the opposite. This is the time to enjoy trolls, outdoor pools with hot water, aurora borealis, and of course skiing, to say the least.

As Reykjavik Grapevine quoted: 'Eyjafjordur and Akureyri deliver an authentic slice of Icelandic life.'
We definitely agree with the statement and that‘s why we keep on checking the tourism services in the area and contribute to its sustainable development.
Today, we‘ll introduce you to some of the local accommodation possibilities in and around Dalvík – a small fishing village on the west coast of Eyjafjordur.

This accommodation edition will continue until we cover the whole Eyjafjordur region and introduce you to all accommodation possibilities we‘ll be able to find.

We‘re starting with the possibilities OFF the beaten track... to help you GO LOCAL and experience personal service to its full potential.

SKEIÐ - lovely guesthouse in the embrace of magic mountains at the end of a beautiful valley (Svarfaðardalur), only an hour drive from Akureyri. It´s a piece of art, the place itself and is particularly suited for families with kids, as the owners have small kids themselves and offer wide range of facilities for children.
The cheapest option per person per night in a sleeping bag option during the winter season is: 18 EUR

DÆLI – farm holidays style accommodation in a very nice wooden cottage suitable, for both, groups and individuals. Dæli is around 45 mins drive from Akureyri, and is located in a valley (Skíðadalur). Skíðadalur is almost paralel to the valley where Skeið is.
It is possible to rent the whole cottage at a very cheap rate of 10.000 ISK, during winter time. This means that the more customers order it, the less it costs per person. The owners are ready to offer discounts, presuming that you want to stay more than 3 nights.

YTRI-VÍK - a set of wooden cottages or so called log cabins spread by the sea shore overlooking the longest fjord of Eyjafjordur with its spectacular island, Hrísey. Each cabin has a veranda with furniture and a geothermal hot water tub, with outdoor facilities for barbecues. These cosy cabins can host between 2 to 16 guests and the minimum number of nights requested is 2. For more details about the facilities on spot, pictures and prices, do check out the webpage and contact the owners here.