Monday, November 22, 2010

Cheaply to Iceland over the winter

Now it´s the time.

Visiting Iceland in winter can be cheaper than you think. It may not be bright 24 hours a day like in summer, but the Northern Lights can well compensate for the unique experience. On top of that, the houses are warm - heated by hot water straight from the ground, Icelanders are hospitable and it´s very likely that here, in the north of Iceland, we will have enough snow, not only for skiing. And last but not least, it won´t be as cold as you think.

Flights to Iceland via Iceland Express are available this winter from
London, Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw,

from €99/£89/DKK799, and New York from $216.

Don´t forget, there´s never a bad weather, just a badly dressed man.

Hope to see you here and should you need some local advice, do write to us:

And here is the apetizer for the area of Troll Peninsula. ENJOY.

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