Monday, November 29, 2010

Endless streams of visitors


Well, at a proper Christams market in Skeid.

The fire outside the market place, us in the embrace of majestic mountains covered in snow, and crispy evening with a promise of well visible northen lights - who would resist?

Well, many locals could not, and the market was basically full (the picture was taken at 2.45pm on Saturday :) between 3 and 6 pm both days (streams of people constantly coming and going). Myriam - the organizer - did not stop for a minute and was serving all her guests with yammies and nice smile. Kids zipping their cocoa and adults zipping their mulled wine and all biting on proper Xmas cookies including traditional German "stollen" all made at this magic guesthouse.

Hmmmmmm, that was really a nice weekend full of amazing handicraft that locals from Eyjafjordur make and we all got nicely tuned on Christmas atmosphere thanks to this first weekend of advent.

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