Wednesday, December 29, 2010

News before the end of 2010

We hope that you´ve been all enjoying this special time and managed to reconnect with your close ones, getting ready to enter a new and exciting year of 2011 filled with explorations and many new discoveries!

Us - at the Center of Improvement, supporting Go local in Iceland initiatives are in the stage of planning for 2011 and would like to share the most important upcoming activities with you:

1, We´ve been assisting with hiking tours preparation for the summer of 2011 that will take place in the embrace of beautiful Alpine like mountains on the Peninsula of Trolls.
We´ll keep you updated about the details on this blog and in the meantime, check out the impressions from the tours of 2010 and also here.
Do send us an email, if you're interested in following up on this event:

2,In the year of 2011, we'll cover Local Travel possibilities according to the topics, so that it's a bit easier to get oriented in our BLOG space. The plan is as follows:

January - local accommodation possibilities

February - local food possibilities

March - local activities options

April - local events, including the Easter festivities events

May - interesting local spots/places to visit in Eyjafjordur

June - July - August: covering on the hottest local travel news during the season and providing the udpates on the topics above

September: what went well during the season and what is is that we want to improve

October: Ideas and plans for the season of 2012

November: local travel options for winter season

December: celebrations and the most important milestones of 2011.

3, We carry on our work on the project we initiated "Recycling at tourist exposed areas in Iceland" and are glad that you're helping us to keep Iceland clean, while you travel.

4, We've been developing simple and affordable booking system for small tourism providers so that it'll be easier for you, Local Travellers, get your service directly without any intermediaries.

Besides all the above, we've been involved in educational projects and if you happen to work with volunteers, we have an interesting training offer available here. Funding is possible, you just need to check your local National Agency, depending on the country you come from.

With the best wishes for 2011, we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in Iceland.

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