Friday, January 7, 2011

Off the beaten track not only for passionate BIRDWATCHERS

If you make it all the way to Akureyri (the second largest town of Iceland), you basically make it to the mouth of the longest fjord of Iceland, called Eyjafjordur.

This fjord, together with its Troll Peninsula, offers endless possibilities all year round for Going Local in Iceland. Eventhough, you will not be able to find a brochure promoting Eyjafjordur and Peninsula of Trolls as a whole with all its possibilities, there are a few of us here who have putting a lot of effort to make the common promotion happen, thus helping you get most of your stay according to your preferences and interests.

One of those local "promoters" of this beautiful area have been two brothers who have been running a set of accommodation facilities in Olafsjordur.

The accommodation is located right next to a beautiful lake (suitable for both, fishing and canooing) in the fjord embraced by high mountains. It is the area where one truly gets reconnected to himself/herself, as it's a bit further from a village (yet still close enough).

The area is considered birdwatchers' paradise and the brothers running the accommodation initiated a 1.000.000 Icelandic crown competition for those taking pictures of birds in 2010 in the area. You can check the winning pictures and more details here.

Now, to the accommodation itself - one can choose either a hotel type accommodation or Finish bungalow style bungalows with hot pots included.

I somehow anticipate that Go Local enthusiats would prefer bungalows to the hotel, but since the offer is there, definitely check the prices and description so that you choose what fits your needs best.

At the time of writing the article, the prices are not available on the hotel webpage, but will be coming up soon.

I include a basic price overview, quoting the cheapest possibilities in winter season
(quoted prices valid until March 31st 2011):
Finish-style bungalow for 6 people: 143 EUR
Finish-style bungalow for 5 people: 133 EUR
Finish-style bungalow for 4 people: 124 EUR

The price includes accommodation only, as there are kitchen facilities available. There is a possibility to book breakfast for extra charge.

If you manage to fill the bungalow with 6 people, then the price per person per night comes down to 28,83 EUR.

The hotel accommodation option is the cheapest, if there are two of you staying in double room. Then the price valid until March 31st 2011 comes down to 47,5 EUR per person per night, including breakfast.

After staying in Olafsfjordur, you might want to carry on through the tunnel and explore the north most village of Siglufjordur with very strong herring tradition and unique community of generous and friendly locals. Stay tuned and we will tell you more on Local Travel possibilities in magic area right below the Arctic.

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