Monday, February 21, 2011

Troll peninsula full of surprises

Eventhough February posts were meant to cover local food possiblities, I feel like sharing exciting news related to inspiring tourism operations where words like ARCTIC HELI SKIING, SKI TOURING TRIPS, ICE CLIMBING, HAUTE ROUTE OF THE TROLL´S represent every day 'bread'.

The reason being that I happened to attend a presentation last week, where a founder of the company Jökull Bergmenn shared his story (including lots of great pictures and professional videos), as well as his experience and future vision of the majestic mountains of Troll Peninsula.

No matter how close to skiing and skies and climbing you feel, checking out the pictures and videos is definitely worth it as they say much more than words.

There´s a great variety of very professional service that Jökull´s company has on offer that has contributed big time to putting Troll Peninsula of Iceland on the world map of heli skiing.

Funnily enough, not many locals know about what these mountains have on offer and very often it´s actually foreigners who have been using the full potential of it rather than locals. Nevertheless, there´s a growing trend of hiking in the summer and the vision is that not only foreigners but also locals will be able to appreciate and even take most out of what this powerful Alp-like range here has on offer, all year round.

There´s a big challenge of finding ways that will support local kids and youngsters stay connected to nature and even make most out if it through fun activities that are enriching. I see a great potential in that and am looking forward to working in that direction alongside people like Jökull.

Enjoy the videos and let us know, should you have any questions or thoughts

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