Friday, March 4, 2011

AURORA and more horse-back in the fjord

Eventhough, I´ve been living in Iceland for almost 4 years now, I still get impressed and awed at speed, at which days start to get longer in January. Or, in other words, it´s truly incredible to feel the energy coming back and realizing that each and every day, it´s gets brighter earlier in the morning and gets darker later in the day. That´s a sign that winter will be coming to an end.

However, before that happens fully and we´ll welcome spring, there is still chance for all of you enjoying Iceland out of the high season to watch a spectacle called

There´s a great webpage published by a research institute in Alaska that gives an excellent forecast on visibility levels in a chosen location. I attach the link for all of you, who will be up for watching Aurora in Iceland, so don´t hesitate and check it out here.

The scale is from 0 to 9 and if a predicted number is 3, you already have a good chance to see some Aurora dancing up in the sky. However, for the best results, make sure that you get further away from public lights. No clouds in the sky help too, but this is something tha you cannot influence, really.

Well and since it´s March and we´re introducing all kinds of activities that one can enjoy in Iceland also out of the peak summer, I´m adding some more info on horse-back riding so that we have our horse-back riding list complete.

There´s one more company, on top of the other two introduced in my last article that is just 5 minutes drive from Akureyri. It is called Kátur and is actually the closest one to Akureyri out of all the three companies described.

Now, details about the service:
Company name: KÁTUR
1-hour tour: 5.000 ISK per person
2-hour tour: 7.000 ISK per person
3-hour tour: 9.500 ISK per person
Midnight tour (specialty of Kátur): 7.000 ISK per person

The daily schedule is as follows:
09.00 13.00 17.00
Midnight tours take place only in June and July departing on Fridays 23.30 and returning 00.30.

00354 - 695-7218
00354 - 847-2208
How to get there: I will add advice on how to get there, as soon as I have it confirmed from locals. A farm, where the rental is, is called Kaupangsbakkar, Eyjafjarðarsveit.

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