Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interesting local spots in Eyjafjordur

It´s already May here and I´m back from all my travels related to interesting trainings supporting self-directed learning. (Imagine people free to decide what they want to learn and how, unlike at formal traditional schools that we know from old times - check more here).

Coming back to my small fishing village of Dalvík, I was welcome by a winter-like weather with some snow and quite low temperatures, so those who intended tenting in Iceland might reconsider their plans.

And as I´m writing this, there is news announcing an eruption in the South of Iceland in the area of Grimsvatn under the biggest glacier of Iceland VATNAJOKUL. Click here to follow up on latest news from the area.

We´re still to see what affect this eruption will have not only on tourism industry in Iceland.

Well, and back to May - a month of love. In our GO local Iceland BLOG, I want to cover interesting local spots/places to visit in Eyjafjordur.

So I would like to start with the latest news related to interesting spots and will carry on next week too.

The Icelandic wilderness and its spectacular surroundings are the perfect setting for outdoor activities, especially, the mountains of Tröllaskagi or Trolls' Peninsula, between the fjords of Eyjafjörður and Skagafjörður, are renowned as some of Iceland's most spectacular areas for such activities. Just to give you a small picture, now, it´s a peak season for arctic and heli skiing.
During summer months hiking is very popular and there are many hiking tours on offer in the area. Keep on checking Iceland hiking tours page to stay up-to-date.

Last but not least, I want to share the news related to chance winning 1 million Icelandic crowns. No matter how surreal that sounds, ...if you like bird watching - and that is one of those activities that many parts of Iceland are paradise for, including Troll Peninsula and Eyjafjordur - your bird watching photo can bring you luck in a competition of the summer 2011.
Read more here.

Well, stay tuned and read us next week again with latest news on the volcano and some more interesting tips for a visit in Eyjafjordur and Troll Peninsula.

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