Monday, June 6, 2011

Fresh June tips for day trips in Eyjafjordur

It´s supposidly summer in Iceland, however, weather changes (especially here in the North) make us feel as if it was still winter time. (to stay up-to-date about wheather follow this page.)

Well, as I´ve mentioned many times, Iceland with its erratic weather changes can be quite a challenge for a traveller who likes sticking to rigorous and fixed plans. So I invite us all to think about this proverb: 'a good traveler has no fixed plans.'

Bearing the above in mind, I want to share a possible trip you might want to take, while exploring Eyjafjordur. In the coming months, I´ll be testing local tours and local options and will be posting my experience here, so do follow us, if you´re interested.

Last week, me and my boyfriend decided to use a day of public holiday to enjoy our favourite northmost village of Iceland called Siglufjordur. We drove from Dalvík (30 mins drive from Akureyri) along the fjord and decided to test a new tunnel instead of driving the old mountain pass road.

This means that we would see an island Hrisey in the fjord from the road and see as far as Grindavik (a small fishing village on the other side of Eyjafjordur). If the visibility is good one can even see Grimsey on the horizon (located above the Arctic circle). Before getting to Olafsfjordur, you drive in through a one-lane tunnel. We call it a tunnel of trolls as it looks like a cave inside and can be quite an experience to drive through it.
Having passed Olafsjordur, we carried on to a two-lane tunnel (more modern and much brighter than the first one) that gets you first to Hedinsfjordur (once a pristine fjord that was only accessible by boat) and then to Siglufjordur.

Our plan was to have nice breakfast in a local bakery and stroll around the town, visiting our friends (I used to live there for a year) and end the day with a quality dinner in a wonderful local restaurant Hanes Boy. Even-though, it was a public holiday (or maybe because of that), neither of the two places was open. There´s a must see in Siglufjordur and it is an exceptional museum (awarded many prizes). It was open and will be during this summer, so make sure you include a visit there in your plan. On top of this, there are also nice walking trails above the town with great views, so we definitely recommend.

All in all, summer should be more lively and places should be open, so we hope that you´ll enjoy your time in 'Siglo', once you make it here. Those interested in hiking in the mountains, you might easily stay a few days, making hikes every day and exploring local majestic mountains overlooking the fjord. Once leaving Siglo, you might consider the other way (heading west) towards Ketilas and either take the old mountain pass road or take the ringroad number 1 and stop by in Holar and Hofsos - (don´t forget about the pool there)on the way.

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