Friday, June 17, 2011

Hike below the Arctic

It´s June 17th, officially summer in Iceland, but here in the North, it´s been more of winter temperatures prevailing :(

Today, we´re having a heavy and grey foggy-like cloud hanging over the fjord. The wind is almost close to zero today, so it makes it a bit warmer.
Once, and again, this is Iceland with its erratic and ever-changing weather representing quite a challenge for tourists.

Nevertheless, regardles of this cold summer, I´ve been helping one amazing couple running an extremely homy guesthouse, to organize day trips on majestic mountains of Troll Peninsula. They know the peaks and valleys better than their shoes and it´s been real fun and very enriching to 'cook' interesting hiking trips with them for our visitors who will make it up north this summer.

During selected days within July and August there will be a choice of day trips including a guided hike (in Icelandic being translated to English), ending with a dip in local pool (for those who don´t feel like swimming, there is a jacuzi or hot pot to let their tired muscles relax). After that, we´ll be driven to Bjarnargil (an old farm which was transffered into a guesthouse), where great local dinner prepared with love, using mainly local ingredients will be served.

For an inspiration, check out: and keep on following this web-page to stay up-to-date about the upcoming trips.

Today, I´ve read an interesting piece of news about a waterfall Glymur in Hvalfjördur, west Iceland, which is the country’s highest waterfall with a drop of 198 meters. Apparently it might now lose its status as one of the new waterfalls, which was created at the edge of Morsárjökull glacier, in Vatnajökull national park might be 228 meters high. Well, there is still accurate measuring to be conducted by the National Park´s management, but for the time being all implies, that Glymur is losing its status.

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