Monday, August 8, 2011

Luck on the side of Czech Travel agency in Iceland?

Tonight, Icelandic National TV aired news, which among others, reported on a serious accident that happened on Saturday (August 6th) in the afternoon in the highlands of Iceland.

Tourists travelling with Czech travel agency ADVENTURA were extremely lucky on the mentioned Saturday when their transportation vehicle was driving in the lake in highlands and happened to go off the path (that partially runs in the lake) and started drowning.

ADVENTURA uses specially adjusted TATRA truck to travel in Iceland, which is being advertised here.

However, sadly to say, some of the advertisement recordings that show TATRA 'in action' also prove illegal behaviour of some of the Czech drivers of the mentioned vehicle, which are in breach of the Icelandic law.

The accident is being investigated, but the following has been confirmed until now: The fact that vehicle went off the path caused the truck to drown on the bottom of the lake and miraculously the driver of the bus managed to open the roof hatch and let the 11 tourists out of the vehicle in the nick of time before the vehicle submerged in the water.

In the light of what has happened, we want to let all the tourists coming to Iceland know that Icelandic roads, weather conditions and nature are to be taken seriously. There are reasons for speed limits on gravel roads in Iceland.
Thus, we encourage all of you to get familiar with nuances of Icelandic roads that are rather unique.

We recommend you the following web-pages to browse before you come:

VIDEO about driving in Iceland

We wish you enjoyable stay in Iceland with a safe return home.