Wednesday, October 12, 2011

...back after the summer

We ended up being more silent than usual this summer, as life has brought us new surprises and amongst them a baby on the way that is due in February 2012.

So, GO LOCAL Iceland is definitely growing bigger.

Nevertheless, we keep on exploring, especially Eyjafjordur and are always glad to post interesting stuff for you to GO LOCAL here.

I want to share a nice experience from the last weekend, while undergoing some fjord explorations and sort of 'after the summer' check :).

Me and my partner Eggert set off on Saturday morning from Dalvík to Siglufjordur and before you read on I encourage you to check the post here first, so that you can get the whole picture.

It is already October and mountain tops are covered in white. During this part of the year, small fishing villages can appear rather 'dead' to a foreigner who is not familiar with local reality, but quite some surpriseslie ahead once you know your way around locals.
We were up for proper brunch so our first stop, after having passed the tunnel, was a local bakery in the northmost village of Iceland - Siglufjodur. The great news is, that it is still open and running and nothing implies that they would be threatened to close down due to downturn of customers as a result of the tunnel and close vicinity of Akureyri.

The pastry choice was great and staff very friendly. It was thanks to them that we realized that Mugisson was to play that Saturday evening in a local museum - fabolous building taking one back in time.

So we strolled and checked out a very pleasant café-bar, where they hold all kinds of cultural events. That particular Saturday, the cinema screenings were to start and that´s great news as in old days, there used to be a few movies played each and every day in Siglufjodur.

Since the times were clashing, we had to make a choice and we decided for a live concert of Mugisson.
The guys were awesome. The sound in that unique building great and all in all we had very enjoyable time, experiencing Mugisson live again. If you get a chance, go for it, he is ery special and live even MORE :).

To conclude, we´re glad that ´Sigló', which is pretty much as far from Dalvík as Akureyri, is still nicely alive, keeping its charm it has had since we got to know it.

Join in, and check this place out - whatever the season and let us hear your impressions. Should you need any tips, just write to us.

your Go LOCAL team