Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time to check out AURORA

Iceland Express is having a hot offer: Iceland for 79EUR from Berlin or 69 quid from London. If you´re thinking of calming your European life down and charging yourself with energy, while enjoying hot geothermal pools and Aurora Borealis, then do click here and book.

And if you´re still hesitant, then we want to share something.
In October, Czech online travelling magazine launched a photo competition and a picture from Iceland (tenting) was one of the winning ones.

Check it out here, it´s the one in the middle and you´ll recognize it thanks to unique light on the sky.

Still hesitant and not knowing what this AURORA is all about or what is it that you could do here? Read more here.

Last but not least,
when flying to Iceland from Europe, you might want to consider checking these 3 companies: - they have their own agents in many European countries, so you might even find the link relevant for your country. - just watch out as they fly mostly during the summer season.

Should you have more questions or need specific advice on booking your air travel to Iceland, do not hesitate to get in touch, we have a lot of experience with flying to Iceland from Europe and using all kinds of combination, so we´ll gladly share our knowledge.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting to Iceland by boat

This bit is written for all those, who really want to take their time when getting all the way to us in Iceland and as Indians say - let their soul arrive too, not only their bodies. This might be quite hard when one travels by plane, so we keep the fingers crossed for all of you, no matter what mean of transport you end up using.

Well, for slow travel to Iceland, there is a company called SMYRIL LINE that operates a boat arriving in Iceland (namely eastern side of the island Seyðisfjörður) between April 1st - October 26th - the schedule is valid for 2012.

Basically, the boat leaves from Denmark (usually Hirtshals) and then stops at Faroe Islands (the stop length varies depending on the season you travel in, so check the schedule for details. After that the next stop is Iceland and the whole journey takes at least two full days. If you leave on Tuesday morning from Denmark, you are in Iceland on Thursday morning - during the high season. The trip might take longer if you opt for departures that enable you to stay overnight in Faroe Islands.

You have quite some choices when it comes to cabins or berths, so do check out the prices well so that you can choose your prefered standard in relation to the price you´re willing to pay in the given period.
When I did a trial booking, I opted for '2 B. Cabin, window but no view (Male share)' and got the price of 224 EUR quoted - only one way.

The booking system is simple and straightforward and it is advisable to book well ahead (you might even end up saving, as there´re special offers on some early bookings). There´s a possibility to book food online beforehand and save up to 20%, which we cannot confirm as we have not taken the boat ourselves, yet.

All those, who will end up testing it, please send us the feedback and share your experience and comments here.

Well, these are the basics when it comes to travel by boat to Iceland. We know a few people, who have taken the boat, so if you need some references, just email us.

Last but not least, once you reach beautiful village of Seyðisfjörður you can travel northwards or southwards around the island. When you decide to go for north, do check out our local hiking tours as they might fit your taste and plans :).

We look forward to welcoming you here.

all the best from Lenka