Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Iceland covered in snow

December 9th, an Icelandic meteorologist Einar Sveinbjörnsson published a satelite picture of Iceland on his blog showing Iceland totally covered in snow.

If you´re one of those, hesitating 'should I go or should I stay?', this might help you decide. From our part of Iceland, we can proudly report that we have a lot of snow. Great conditions for skiing and AURORA shows up from time to time too. Temperatures have been below zero, but outdoor pools stay nicely hot, as long as there´s no wind - and there hasn´t been a snowstorm for quite a while.

Last but not least, cultural life is totally blooming, not only in Akureyri, but also in small villages, such as our little Dalvík.

Christmas markets, concerts, gatherings...you name it.

So, if you´re up for some proper relaxing and revitalization in the middle of nowhere with great food and unusual things to do - dipping yourself in outdoor hot pot, even-though it´s minus 10, then go and book your ticket and give us a shout.

We´ll gladly assist with the rest.

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