Thursday, December 1, 2011

Iceland - THE destination

Here, in our beloved small fisihing village of Dalvík, proper winter has come. We´ve already had a proper snow storm and now are enjoying lots of snow and temperatures below zero.

There´s also considerably less daylight during the day, so we tend to sleep more and go to the pools more often :).

And, we just wanted to remind you that whatever the time of the year, you´re more than welcome to explore this island from inside out and we´re here to help you to get know many places that you´d otherwise not get introduced to.

If you´re asking yourself: What is the best time to travel to Iceland?', then we encourage you to think about what experience you´re undry for - what is it that you truly want to try out and live while exploring this island.

Our answer would be that whatever the time of the year, Iceland is such a unique destination that it always has a lot to offer - the most important thing is that you harmonize your expectations with what is likely to be found here during the particular part of the year.

Well, and we´ve also read that Iceland is the most desirable destination for world travelers in 2012, both according to Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

No matter, whether you follow such advice or not, we keep the fingers crossed and wish you that you´ll be able to come and enjoy (N)iceland whenever the right time comes for you.

We´re here to help and assist, so do not hesitate and contact us.

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