Thursday, April 5, 2012

Authentic hospitality in mountains embrace

Easter is knocking on the door and we were privileged to get an Easter lunch invitation by our friends running a truly 'GO LOCAL ICELAND' guesthouse, here on the Peninsula of Trolls.

The weather was not spectacular at all, drizzle, fog and not much snow in the mountains. The cool, early spring air full of humidity promising the coming of the summer and soon to be green grass. Perfect setting for people to enjoy delicious food and good company in the warmth of a friendly house together.
As we set off from Dalvík, we took our favourite way, leading through Olafsjordur, and Siglufjordur, using a newly built tunnel.

Well, Olafsjordur welcomed us with its typical 'money smell' - smell coming from a fish processing company and Siglufjordur was in bloom, as usual, with its shiny and colourful houses - nice lively contrast to gloomy fog.
We passed through both towns without stopping and headed to Bjarnargil - a farm house, where a beautiful couple (Trausti and Sibba), who have worked hard as farmers most of their lives, run tourism business now. Reminiscent of the 'good old days' is a set of buildings where they used to keep their cattle.

We, at GO LOCAL ICELAND, love them for their hospitality, modesty, enthusiasm, authenticity, openness and...well, you tell us more adjectives, once you experience their service and share your impressions with us.

We definitely recommend you to stay there, once you´re exploring the area of Troll Peninsula and are looking for a truly local place with family like service and reasonable prices.
Booking food with them is an excellent choice too as Sibba is a magnificent cook, using a great variety of local and home-made ingredients.

Last but not least, Trausti is an awesome local giude, knowing the area better than his own palms, and you´re more than encouraged to join some of the tours he offers throughout the summer.

And this is what it looks like, north of Bjarnargil on an April foggy Easter day...

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