Wednesday, August 22, 2012

To rent or not to rent a car while in Iceland...what a question

Quite a few of you have written to us wondering whether to rent a car or not and if yes what company, once travelling to Iceland. So, we´ve figured that it´s the right time for sharing our experience and offering some small summary of what we know. First a few useful questions, you should ask yourself: 1, What kind of traveller am I? - Do I prefer, going with a flow, taking it easy, leaving it up to a destiny and hitchhiking and simply going where my rides take me? - Do I prefer being in charge of my travels fully and having my freedom to go whereever I feel like within my timeframe? - Am I somewhere in the middle of those too extrems above? 2, How much money am I willing to spend on renting a vehicle in Iceland? 3, When I buy service (such as car rental) - am I looking at quality and guarantee in relation to price? Nice, we hope that you have your answers clear and now having them in mind, read on... For those who are not interested in car rentals and can go with a flow, we would like to point out a great carpooling site that has been working really well in Iceland. We have personal experience with it and have only good things to say about it. If you prefer going with the flow completely, then hitchhiking is a good choice. If you happen to arrive by ferry, then it´s recommended to hitchhike southwest first towards Reykjavík and then head north and east, as it´s more likelyhood that you get rides in the North, thus no stress about catching a ferry back to Europe on time. For those who want to hire a car, BEWARE. There are many car rentals on the Icelandic market these days. Hm, you probably figured yourself by googling 'rent a car in Iceland'...but, there are only a few that have been on the market considerably long. We have a personal experience with Iceland largest car rental (connected to Europecar) and we´ve been very satisfied each and every time we used their service. When writing this post, I´ve discovered a site that helps you find good deals on car rentals within leading car rental brands. We have no personal experience with it, but at least you have a quick price comparison before you decide to search on webs of different car rentals. There are companies like BUDGET, THRIFTY, AVIS to name a few and many more that have been founded recently. Your comments and feedback related to your experience with car rental service is warmly welcome here as it will help others. Should you have any questions, related to this topic, do get in touch:


  1. After spending a few days trying to get where we wanted by bus in Iceland, ee finally rented a car. By far the most fun we had was when we could go where we wanted and see what we wanted. I highly recommend renting a car. Navigating is easy in Iceland, and the terrain is so diverse, that it is worth being able to pull over and enjoy the view when you want. That being said, some people want the hands off, trouble free environment of someone dropping you at the church steps, etc. The buses and tours are great in Iceland, just be prepared to live according to someone else schedule.

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