Thursday, October 18, 2012

Local food to be ready for winter

We, at GO LOCAL, love local events and if they´re connected to food, then even better. So, we did not hesitate a minute, once we got an invitation to take part in 'Bjúgu making' and set off from Dalvík to Skeiðsfoss - a small farm house close to Skeiðfoss power plant. There, in a small cellar, lots of local fresh lamb meat was being minced, when we arrived. The meat would then be used as a base for special lambmeat sausages called Bjúgu in icelandic. Quite an experience to watch 4 locals filling in special sausage sacks and tying strings around so that one big whole piece would then turn into 8 small pieces to be ready to get smoked in a cute little shed built right next to the house. and next one, and next one, and believe it or not it took them an hour all in all to make 320 pieces. After having been smoked, sausages are then kept in the freezer and used throughout winter to be served to hungry icelandic stomachs. As far as I know, the preparation is very simple, as they are simply boiled once they have been defrosted and served with traditional white sauce very similar to bechamel. Well, I must admit that I missed singing during the whole making, which apparently used to be a tradition in old days. Hm, maybe my friend Sibba will eventually bring the tradition back. And for those, who are ready to taste these 'directly from farm' sausages, you´re welcome to do so at BJARNARGIL guesthouse on your travels around Iceland, once exploring beautiful places hidden off the beaten track. Staying there over night is an experience on its own.

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