Friday, December 28, 2012

Private story of truly local travellers, part II.

The whole journey lasted one month all in all - partly in June and partly in July. We slept in sleeping bags, sometimes in tents - mostly in camps, sometimes out of camps, by some roads, on beaches in cottages (that was the case on the peninsual behind Grenivik), and a few nights at our friend´s Lenka on matraces. A few interesting facts: Weather: Despite having been warned that it can rain loads, we were quite lucky as it rained just a little. We even got to know that June 2012 was one of the driest in the past few years. Otherwise, we fully enjoyed northern wind and sun, cold and sweaty T-shirts. There was some frost during one night. Each and every valley brought different kinds of weather. It was foggy on one, rain in the otehr one and right next to it could be a sunny valley. White nights: We got to Iceland on summer solstice and we successfully slept it over, (unlike our friend Lukas who actually danced it through by fire) even-though the sun has not set. Well, it did set after midnight, just for the sake of rising again at around 1 in the morning. We didn´t get to see darkness during our stay at all. Landscape: Volcanic, glacier-ed, fjords, sea, ocean, glacier rivers (bleary), clear rivers (not connected to glaciers), waterfalls - literally everywhere, geothermal s, plains, deserts, mountains, snow, wasteland, colours - green, grey, brown...different landscape in each and every valley - first look (wasteland impression), second look (impression of diversity), third look (breathtaking landscape). People: We haven´t met a bad person. Those who we´ve met were ready to help, without hesitation. So to answer the question of many of my friends:'What the hell Icelanders do there on that distant island?' - they live, help, fish, drink and are happy, they´re trying to solve more important and less important issues and don´t steal. Fauna: Loads of birds, sheep, horses, some hens. We´ve even seen polar fox and a head of seal. Not reindeers, though. Some spiders, surprisingly enough. Whales, salmon and believe it or not, our friends were chased by a polar bear (he was hungry and was from Greenland). Flora: Loads of flowers. They looked rather bizarre in volcanic wastelands. Even the ones familar to us from central Europe, just that they had arctic touch: dandyline, alchemila vulgaris, wild thyme... Food: Excellent butter (smjor), youghurt, chedar, beer viking, pizza, pastry was disappointing. Lamb meat and fish at Lenka´s. Couscous made in 100 ways, lentils, pasta, rice, ready made soups, oats with pudding and other similar goodies made on our gas cooker. Hitch-hiking: It was very smooth as long as we didn´t have to be at a concrete place. When we needed to catch our ferry and truly needed to get to Seydisfjordur by certain time, either there were no cars or were not ready to take us, so we ended up hitchhiking a bus.

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