Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finding your cheap way to Iceland

Another year is here and we, at GO LOCAL ICELAND, are curious to see how competition on reasonable air travel all the way to this island will develop in 2013.
For those who prefer sea travel, do check our article here out.
As things are now, there are two main operators flying all year round between Europe and Keflavik (Icelandic international airport): and
 The first one mentioned is a budget airline, which has recently merged with IcelandExpress operator. The latter one is an Icelandic airline, with its origin dating back all the way to 1937.
There is quite some difference in the number of operators flying to Iceland during the high season only (June, July, August) and low season. Now, during the low season, there are the 2 above mentioned airlines on offer, however, during the summer, one can get to Iceland from Europe within a direct flight by choosing from at least 5 companies. Since we are specifically connected to Czech and Slovakia, I´ll make a few recommendations on possible flights to Iceland over wintertime, presuming that you live in one these 2 countries. There are no directs in winter time from Prague, but there are flights from Berlin and from Warsaw that might be interesting. Try using the above links of the airlines directly or use your favorite flight scanner such as e.g. skyscanner to find the best deal that suits your dates.

Last but not least, it is definitely interesting to use inland air travel too, so if you´re considering reaching also North, then do check this out: It´s very likely that there will be some direct flights on offer between Europe and Akureyri (so called Northern capital of Iceland), just half an hour drive from Dalvík.

And here, one very good link full of beautiful pictures to tune you well before coming to iceland.

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