Monday, February 18, 2013

Walk on the Ice...where and how?

So it happened that Dalvík got unusually loads of snow during the winter of 2012 and 2013. We´ve had a few proper snow storms and ended up with snowdrifts,  big piles and literally hills of snow all over Dalvík. And as time has been passing by, and temperature has been changing, some parts have naturally started melting away and then freezing again and melting and freezing and...

Well, it´s middle of February right now and most of the pavements, that we locals walk on, have been covered with a thick layer of ice. There were days when Dalvík was simply one big ice-rink.
Well, local municipality has been taking care of sanding it, but the weather is so erratic that on some days even with sand on pavements you simply slide and can hardly walk unless you have some 'city' crampons on.

Why am I writing all this? Simply because I realized one thing when I went to train our boxer dog as usual to our local mountains above the church. I had my crampons on and still, it was quite a struggle to make steps in  an easy and relaxed way. It actually felt as if I was walking on one big glacier. And I tried glacier walking only once, here in Iceland - then it was without crampons on.

So, training our boxer dog, watching him run full speed and me struggling to keep the balance, I´d thought to myself: Dalvík has suitable conditions for tourists who feel like trying glacier walking, yet are not ready to pay tourism companies for guided tours on one of those famous Icelandic glaciers.
It´s important to follow the weather conditions, though so that you can decide when is it most likely to be really slippery to get the most out of the experience.
Well, and on a closing note, I´d love to share a website of one great Icelandic landscape photographers Daniel Bergmann. I was browsing through his book he published 2 years ago and was truly thrilled, once and again.
And remember, if you catch yourself asking, when is the best time to visit Iceland, answer with a following question:

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