Friday, April 12, 2013

Neverending winter?

It´s Thursday, April 11th today and looking through the window it feels like a proper winter day, here in Dalvík.

On Tuesday, this very week we travelled between Dalvík and Akureyri and it looked as if winter was slowly leaving us and we´d be getting at least some sort of spring time for a while. Well, it looked like it when we were on the way from Dalvík to Akureyri -around lunchtime. But after the arrangements in AKU (abbreviation for Akureyri), a few hours later, heading back to Dalvík (which is around 40 mins drive from AKU) the sky started 'falling down' a grey colour covered the fjord and it was a matter of a few hours and there we got it - yet another snow storm visiting us.

When I went to walk our dog in the evening, I had to put my overall and skiing goggles on and the roads which were only covered with sand during lunchtime were carrying around 10-centimeter layer of snow.

Oh yeah, that´s our reality here in the north and since this winter was one of those heavy ones (as they say here - like the one from old times), it will be interesting to see what kind of summer we get this year :) Well, as it looks now, quite some snow might be in the mountains, making hiking a bit more challenging than usual.

Why am I writing all this? Just to remind us all that weather changes in Iceland are very usual and an unprepared tourist or a local for that matter can unpleasantly be caught by surprise.

So, we do encourage you to check the weather forecast right before you set off to your planned destination.

And last, but not least - having had considerably shaky grounds around Grímsey (North of Dalvík) at the beginning of April and us in Dalvík being able to feel those few strong ones, we´ve discovered a great webpage to follow up on precise numbers and so are sharing it with you here. The page updates itself every minute and adds up a record of earthquake, should there have been any and marks it with a red circle on the map.

Enjoy and should you have any questions or comments, do write to us.

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