Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dalvík campsite and neverending snow...

I had visitors last Friday. A couple, travelling mindfully in Iceland, decided to make it all the way to Grímsey too, having Dalvík as the 'basecamp'. Their original intention was to pitch a tent at Dalvík campsite and stay overnight there, before and after the Grímsey trip. (local campsite is perfectly located by a local outdoor swimming pool, with hot pots and showers ready for a tired traveller.

But, when they wanted to pay for their tent, to their big surprise, they were told that the campsite is not open yet for the season. The reason? Well, believe it or not, there´re still some small spots of snow and the ground was rather wet and the main campsite facility with toilets and kitchenette were not ready to receive guests yet. So, they were allowed to stay for free and use the showers of the local pool instead.
Since they were the only guests then, it made most sense to 'inhabit' the wooden floor of the main campsite facility with the toilets and kitchen and be well insulated from the still wet ground. (I´ll publish the picture here, as soon as I get it from them), but can already tell you that it was an impressive and unique sight - seeing one and only tent at the most unusual spot of the campsite (where, under normal circumstances, nobody would pitch a tent, due to obvious reasons).

Nevertheless, I felt that our campsite was 'baptised' by my friends for the upcoming season, especially thinking back to, 3 weeks ago, when quite some layer of snow was still covering the campsite and me thinking that it would not melt by the middle of summer...).

Those following this blog regularly, you know by now that this winter has been extremely heavy and as a result of this, snow lasted really long and we still have a lot of it in the mountains here on the Peninsula of Trolls. The latest news on the site of the Rescue Team is that there´s even an avalanche danger here these days. But, once you decide to go on some hike, after having chosen and consulted your route carefully, it is highly recommended to leave your Travel Plan here. WHY? Icelandic Rescue Team is highly professional and can be of immense help, in case you come across some unexpected troubles.

And last but not least, some useful info on mountain roads opening so that you can plan well your highlands travels - just BEWARE, that as you read this, most of the roads are still closed due to melting snow and lots of mud.

Happy and safe travels from GO LOCAL ICELAND.


  1. hi, I just sent you some photos :)
    Campside was super nice and people in Dalvik so friendly. And advantage of the opportunity we would like to say thanks to lady from silver Skoda and to Viktor player from Dalvik footbol team for lots of helps.
    We had really nice time in Dalvik! :)
    Olga and Paweł

  2. Did you guys make it out to Grímsey? Quite a spectacular place. For others who wants to do a camping trip around Iceland, we wrote an article about the subject to give people an idea of what to expect!
    Safe travels!