Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Berlin to Iceland for 136 EUR

Hard to believe? Just check out the limited offer from AIR BERLIN for JUNE!

You´d need to act fast, but as of today, there´re still cheap seats available and here is an example for you:

Berlin (TXL) - Reykjavik (KEF): 05.06.2014                               135.78 EUR
Reykjavik (KEF) - Berlin (TXL): 16.06.2014                               129.53 EUR

They also fly from Munich. Just remember that the flights are not operated every day. E.g. flights from Berlin in June are not available on Mondays and Fridays. You can check further details related to their schedule here.

Last but not least, we´re bringing great news from the whale-watching fleet in Dalvík:
'In the past week we have been seeing lots of dolphins and a humpback whale on every tour - and they have been very friendly as you can see from our facebook videos!'
So, those interested in making a booking, just drop us a line: or phone 840 13 29 and you´re entitled to 15% discount.

Those who need a pick-up service from Akureyri, it is available for 2.000 ISK per person (12 EUR).

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cheaply to Iceland via EASY JET

We have great news for those who don´t mind flying low cost and can imagine booking via Easy Jet to get to Iceland.

There´re quite some specials for May advertised these days and these are the destinations they fly from to Keflavík:

  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • London Luton
  • Bristol
  • Basel (Switzerland)
I tried hard searching for flight schedules, so that you could have an overview of the flying seasons from these destinations as well as the flying days, but with no success :(. So you will have to give it a try and search based on your prefered dates.

For those wanting to fly via Czech Republic, the following options are available, as examples of one-ways:

Brno – Reykjavik, 13.5.-19.5.2014, 5.353 Kč, roughly 198 EUR

Brno – Reykjavik, 13.5.-21.5.2014, 5.603 Kč, roughly 207 EUR

Brno – Reykjavik, 6.5.-14.5.2014, 5.858 Kč, roughly 217 EUR

The combination used here is Wizzair and Easy Jet and please bear in mind that neither skyscanner, nor dohop were able to show these. This means that you truly have to play around a bit and make up your mind whether you´d go for 2 separate tickets (with all the risks it has) or book the whole journey on 1 ticket.

Wishing you good luck and give a shout in case you have some questions, we might be able to help.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Going local in the Golden Circle area...

Yes, it is possible even close to famous area where 'so called' Golden Circle tours take place.

We ended up testing Geothermal Spa at LAUGARVATN called Fontana the other day, which is less known than Blue Lagoon, and much smaller in size and with a cheaper admission fee (2.800 isk/adult).
What I enjoyed most, however, is the vicinity of the spa area to the nearby lake and the possibility to have a dip in a cold lake as a good mix to various hot pots one can choose from.

Otherwise, I must say that I prefer usual Icelandic pools, where one has both, hot pots and also a pool to swim in.

But back to Laugarvatn. It is actually a small settlement with around 150 people living there and a place that struck me most in there is an old school called Héraðskólinn. We had a visit booked there combined with a coffee break and storytelling related to the history of the place.

The building itself surprises with a unique architecture and great news is that it was restored recently so even-though the school dates back to 1928, the current spirit it has, combines both, an old breath with a wooden smell with a touch of subtle modernity.

We were welcome by one of the two current owners who held us breathless for good half an hour as he was revealing a powerful story related to him and his life journey that brought him all the way from Copenhagen to this school with a clear vision and mission and changed his life completely. One of the main intentions has been to bring life back to the school and have it alive all year round. And one of the ways to do it is to run a hostel in the building. On top of this, there´s a cosy café with yammy goodies and very friendly staff. And last but not least, the owners are ready to rent out spaces within the school for various activities, so it´s been quite vibrant since they opened even with yoga and meditations weekends.

We cannot do otherwise, but recommend the place, presuming that their prices fit your budget ideas.

As a cherry on top of the cake of this article, we´d love to share another off the beaten track farm that offers both, great local food and very comfortable accommodation. It is EFSTI DALUR, about half an hour drive from Laugarvatn and amongst other things they´re really famous for their great home-made ice-cream. The restaurant setting is awesome and we definitely think this place is worthwhile a visit, be it only for an afternoon ice-cream desert or for a proper exploration of the area (there´s a nice waterfall in the vicinity) combined with some fine dining that the place has to offer. And the owners love sharing their local stories, so if you like that, just ask and you´be surprised about sagas you´ll get to hear :)

Looking forward to getting your impressions about these places.