Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brussels - Iceland return for 140 EUR only

The competition between airlines that fly cheaply to Iceland, especially in summer time is increasing. We´re bringing great news about very cheap connections available between Brussels and Keflavik via Thomas Cook Airlines.

The cheapest tickets available, as of now, are for the period: 31.05.2014 - 09.07.2014 and here is an example for you:

Brussels 16.15 - Keflavík 17.25
69.99 EUR 

Keflavík 18.25 - Brussels 23.40
69.99 EUR 

Total price, including the taxes 139.98 EUR.

Writing this from a small village of Ólafsfjordur, where we live in the north of Iceland, I feel like adding an up-to-date weather and earthquake report:

We had some snowfall yesterday and some more today and the temperature is around zero right now. The grounds are shaking north-east of us and there was an earthquake of 0.7 in the sea grounds.

Wishing you safe journeys all the way to Iceland and should you need some tips, do not hesitate and write to us.

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