Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cheaply between Iceland and ex-Czechoslovakia

Since we´re especially connected to both, Slovakia and Czech Republic, here comes an inspiring post to help you get oriented within some options of getting to Iceland cheaply in the summer of 2014.

It is really important that you answer a few questions for yourself when deciding what services to invest in. The thing is, that nowadays you can get really cheaply to various places in the world (including Iceland), by combining air-tickets from various low costs companies. However, there´s a big difference in terms of risk that you´re taking, when you have your e.g. 1 stop combination bought in 1 air-ticket or whether you end up buying 2 separate tickets. If there´s a delay, only the combination bought on 1 ticket guarantees less hassle and no extra costs (depending on the conditions of the tariff that you ended up buying).

So, if you want it really really cheaply and decide to risk, you always have to bear in mind consequences when things don´t go as planned.

Another question to answer is: What is cheaply for me, or in other words, what is the maximum I´m ready to pay and what comfort do I want for what I´m willing to pay?

I´d say that it is still very reasonable to pay around 400 EUR for a return between ex-Czechoslovakia and Iceland, in the high season. Although prices can range from 300 EUR all the way up to 600 EUR for one person and a return.

1, direct flights? almost
Well, there´re no direct flights between the above mentioned countries and Iceland, announced for the summer of 2014, but you have great options from BERLIN, VIENNA or MUNICH, presuming that you don´t mind getting cheaply (train or bus) to any of these 3 cities.

AIRBERLIN or WOW AIR are there to fly you from Berlin or Munich directly to Keflavik and let´s have a look at a few examples:

04.08.2014      Berlin Schoenefeld - Keflavik: 198.13 EUR
12.08.2014      Keflavik - Berlin Schoenefeld:  145.44 EUR
TOTAL: 357.44 EUR

04.08.2014      Berlin Tegel- Keflavik: 246.44 EUR
12.08.2014      Keflavik - Berlin Tegel:  169.70 EUR
TOTAL: 425.64 EUR

Now, remember that the prices include different services and also offer different comfort, not to mention the options for changing the ticket. So we definitely encourage you to check the details of the tariff you decide to buy really well.

2, Combinations with 1 STOP.
Usual air-tickets scanner sites come handy here, such as:

Nevertheless, I´ll give you some tips here to ease your headaches when searching for reasonable combinations:

London (Luton) could be a place to change, as EASY JET offers directs to Keflavik this summer. For more info on this click here.

11.08.2014      London Luton - Keflavik: 83.49 GBP
18.08.2014      Keflavik - London Luton:  111.36 GBP
TOTAL: 194.85 GBP

Brussels could be another place as Thomas Cook started off some nice offers this year. For more info click here.

13.08.2014      Brussels - Keflavik: 99.99 EUR
20.08.2014      Keflavik - Brussels:  139.99 EUR
TOTAL: 239.98 EUR

Oslo. Yes, believe it or not, national carrier of Iceland: charges very low for flights between Oslo and Iceland. If you´re able to get to Oslo really cheaply and are able to find good time combinations, then definitely have a go!

03.08.2014      Oslo - Keflavik: 103 EUR
10.08.2014      Keflavik - Oslo:  110.00 EUR
TOTAL: 213.00 EUR

and that´s it for a start.
Go ahead, start playing with it and let us know in case you find some new and fresh combinations so that we can share it with others for the summer of 2014.

and last but not least, one offer from a Czech photographer searching for 1-3 co-travellers for the period of:
15.6. - 26.6.2014. More info here and details about his work here. 

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