Saturday, May 3, 2014

Unique and handmade for you to take home

I came across very special candles the other day, when in Reykjavik and could not do otherwise but buy them. They were hand-made in Iceland, and the ingredients used were: soya wax, rowan berries, 2000 years old lava stones and Icelandic moss. The scent is charming and calming and I loved them so much that I decided to contact the producer directly and order quite some pieces so that I have enough as presents for my close ones.

Since there´s no retail currently with these products in Akureyri, I find it important to share the details so that you can either order it, or simply stop by in Húsavík and get them there, if this is something of your taste.

It is Railis, who is to be contacted and you can find him at Túngata 4 in Húsavík. For more details, check out the following webpages:

And last but not least, they´ve been busy creating all kinds of great stuff, not only candles, so those interested, check out their offer in the catalogue here.

Hm, one more hidden hand-made treasure to share. A friend of mine took me to Hjalteyri the other day. Tiny village with a huge old abandoned fish factory which has turned into rough cultural spot. In the building in front of the factory, there is a great artist Lene who has been creating breathtaking products made of mostly animals´ skin and hair (spreads, necklaces, bracelets, pouches, bags, name it). BUT, it´s really not easy to find, as there´s no sign on the door. So, just knock on the blue door and ask for Lene and enjoy her unique kingdom with unique souvenirs.

While in Hjalteyri, I was introduced to a secret place, so stay tuned and check out the BLOG soon, as I´ll reveal more details about this in the next article.

Until then, happy travels.

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