Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shaky grounds around Bardarbunga

It´s been more than interesting to follow-up on developments of lithosphere boards moving under Iceland in recent days.

We´re posting the latest news overview as provided from the National Crisis Coordination Centre:

  • A fissure eruption which started at midnight August 29th at Holuhraun lava north of Vatnajökull glacier, ended at around 04:00 UTC.
  • Continued seismic activity in the area.
  • Civil Protection phase has been lowered down to alert phase. Road closures north of Vatnajökull and west of Dettifoss are still in effect.
  • The fissure has been estimated to be 600 metres long and is situated 5 km north of Dyngjujökull glacier in north-Vatnajökull glacier.
  • Aviation color-code set by the Icelandic Met Office has been lowered to orange. All restrictions on airspace have been lifted
We´re wishing you nice and safe travels, and should you have any doubts about the current status, do not hesitate and contact us.