Monday, June 18, 2018

Sleep-in art gallery close to Keflavik airport

Today, I got to know an owner (Ragnar) of a very special place in Iceland, which is just 6km away from Keflavik airport.

It is a place where you´re WELCOME to stay and ENJOY amazing collection of art masterpieces of a unique artist who lived in the North of Iceland.

The story goes like this:

Ragnar had an uncle called J.S. BRIMAR, who was born in June 1928 in the North of Iceland where he also grew up and lived. He was a very exceptional man. He was extremely talented, and even-though he never got a chance to study art, he was able to paint in very diverse styles, seeking inspiration from other known foreign or Icelandic artists. You can see that incredible  range here. It´s quite breathtaking, how one man can stand behind so well painted diverse styles and creations, which count up to 800 pieces. Yeah, that´s the number BRIMAR painted during his life which lasted for 52 years. Ragnar was 17 when Brimar died.

As the result of a strong connection between Ragnar and his uncle, Ragnar decided in 2015 to revive the story of Brimar with the help of others and make Brimar´s intelectual artwork visible to wide public. He succeeded, and now in 2018, at the 90th anniversary of Brimar´s birthday, exhibition in Dalvik was opened, showing around 120 masterpieces, including sleep-in art gallery option :)

The concept of sleep-in art gallery is a unique one that Ragnar brings to Iceland and is very interested in having the offer for locals and tourists, both in the south of Iceland (Njardvik) as well as in the north (Dalvik).

We keep the fingers crossed and encourage all those interested in unique experience in Iceland connected to art to stay at Brimnesbru and let us know about your experience. Apparently, the price is very reasonable.